Weekly Update June 20th, 2017

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Welcome to a new feature of our website! Unlike the parish bulletin which is chock-full of great events and information, this will be a place for resources, prayers, and reminders for the week. Content (news, events, prayers, reflections, links, etc.) will vary from week to week so we encourage you to visit often.


Blue St. Vincent de Paul Box

Due to overflow, damage, theft and unsightly mess St. Vincent de Paul no longer has the manpower to manage the extreme amount of donations that are dropped off at the blue box sites and has decided to move the box from our location. Keeping the boxes in the community has both safety and financial costs at this point that have led to this important decision in stewardship. Donations can still be dropped off at (Hours are M-F 9a-7p and Saturday 9a-3p):

St Vincent de Paul Donation Center

1529 Leo Frigo Way

Green Bay WI 54302

Prayer for Vocations

Both Bishop Bob and Deacon Don celebrated anniversaries of their ordination in the month of May. In July we will welcome both a missionary priest and a seminarian to share with us about their vocations. It is important for us to remember the important role our priests and religious have in our lives and to continue our prayers for new vocations. Consider spending a week praying for vocations in our families and community with one of the prayers available here. 


June 20, 2017 Feast of St. John the Baptist and the Summer Solstice (See below for a reflection)

July 9, 2017 Annual Parish Golf Outing - LAST CHANCE to register here!

July 20, 2017 @ 7:00pm - Event to reflect on and honor St. Mary Magdalene, watch for more details!

  • Did you know that there are ants in the Bible? Proverbs 30:24-25 reads, "Four things are among the smallest on the earth, and yet are exceedingly wise: Ants—a species not strong, yet they store up their food in the summer;"
  • We know all too well what a difficult time our country and our world are facing, but God exists beyond time and is with us always. Here is a prayer for our heavy world.
  • How to Bless a Bonfire for St. John's Eve (Summer Solstice!)