Weekly Update, April 2nd 2017

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Welcome to a new feature of our website! Unlike the parish bulletin which is chock-full of great events and information, this will be a place for resources, prayers, and reminders for the week. Content (news, events, prayers, reflections, links, etc.) will vary from week to week so we encourage you to visit often.


Driver's License Blessing

Driving is a milestone in the lives of our young drivers and their parents.

Young drivers, the privilege to drive a car is a new found freedom, and with this freedom comes tremendous responsibility and continued respect for the sacredness of God’s gift of life.

Parents, I’m sure you can still remember how you held your child’s hand when they were small, and now, you are handing them the keys to the car! Where did the time go?  You, too have entered a time of letting go.

Let us pray, loving God, in this time of new found freedom and letting go, help these parents and young drivers to find reasons to trust each other.

Help our young drivers to know you ride with them wherever they go, and to always make good, safe choices as they drive.

Help our parents know that in the midst of worry, your Holy Spirit is there with the grace of patience, pardon, and peace of mind.


April 7 - Final Resurrection Fish Fry! 5:00-7:00pm

April 8-9 - Blood Pressure Screening after All Masses

April 9 - Palm Sunday, "The Art of Palm Braiding: The History and The Skill" between Masses on Sunday




Movie Review: The Shack http://www.pluggedin.com/movie-reviews/the-shack-2017/

Ecumenical Partnership for Housing Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIQIOoT4lOo

Note about the Thumbnail Image: Bells are an ancient way to call attention to a need, an event or a time. As Catholic Christians, bells are often used to remind us that it's time to pray. Moreover, Resurrection has a wonderful bell tower on our grounds (the bell garden is a beautiful place to bring your lunch on a sunny day!). We thought this image would be most appropriate for our weekly update because it reminds us to take a moment out to grow as disciples of Jesus.