Monday Morning Poetry, March 13

Sensing Beauty


     (On reading John Dykstra and John H. Westerhoff III’s

     Sensing Beauty: Aesthetics, the Human Spirit, and the Church)


To see or not to see,

to treasure the imagination not just the intellect,

to appreciate images not just ideas,

to cherish beauty and its cousins, truth and goodness,

to trust creativity and the intuitive,

to crawl inside a text and be transformed,

to honor the icon and the immediacy of art,

to accept beauty’s fullness and incompleteness,

to give appropriate space to the subjective and objective,

to delight in what is before our eyes,

to refuse to hurry and rush through things,

to live in mystery and find joy therein,

to praise all artists and their noble vocation.


Game plans abound that put first things first.

For artists and all of us on our long pilgrimage,

an imperative endures: “Sense beauty!”