Join Our New Text Ministry Flocknote!

Our parish is launching both a new website and a new texting ministry called Flocknote. This tool has been used across the country in Catholic parishes to share parish info and inspiration. Now it’s our turn!

All you have to do is text GBRES to 84576 and follow the instructions to confirm!

Growing as a disciple might not be quite that simple, but joining our parish text ministry is that simple and just might help you to grow as a disciple and steward!

It’s that simple! Why should you join us?

  • It’s an great way to receive a little spiritual boost, but we won’t overwhelm you! We promise.
  • It is a great way to get up-to-the-minute reminders and alerts from the parish.
  • It’s easy and doesn’t require another app on your phone.
  • If those aren’t enough, Bishop has promised to continue sharing his spiritual M&Ms like he does in the newsletter and on Twitter! It’s a perfect way to stay connected if you don’t use all the other social media out there!

Try it now.

If you don’t text, you can still join in! Just go over to: to get started.