Parish Ministries

Resurrection has so many ways to get involved both as a volunteer and when you are in need of help. We have 4 main areas of ministry: pastoral ministry, parish committees, outreach projects and liturgical ministry (helping out at Mass). We invite you to learn more about each of our ministries. Liturgical ministries are so varied that they can be found on their own page by clicking here!


Pastoral ministry

Pastoral ministry at Resurrection supports many different areas of life from life events like birth, illness and death to spiritual growth and direction to parish community groups and fellowship. Here you will find information about parish nursing, nursing home ministry, care for the homebound, marriage/family counseling, and so much more!


Parish Committees

Resurrection is a busy and active parish with an engaged parish council and several active parish committees. Click here to read more about the different committees and the unique work they do to keep our parish vibrant. We encourage you to consider if you could use your gifts as part of a committee.



A healthy parish reaches beyond it's walls to provide for the needs of others in our local and global communities. Resurrection has a wide variety of outreach groups and projects for members and other to participate in as part of our call to become disciples of Jesus.