As we prepare for Resurrection’s new pastoral leader, there was a Parish-wide Listening Session on March 19th.

Parishioners brought their ideas on parish strengths and room for growth. Father Luke Ferris, Vicar for Priests and Pastoral Leaders, facilitated and listened to input as we look to the future of our Resurrection Parish Family.

If you were unable to attend, you can read the notes and/or watch the listening session.


In transition, have new Priest in mind. April 9th is when we will know.

To listen to what we like about our parish?

To hear what could be improved.

Please refrain from using names!

Last transition we did not have the normal transition the Diocese recommends.

Why did Fr Tim leave? He felt it was not a good fit.

If you would like to contact Fr Ferris by phone or email, please contact the office for contact information. Please do not contact anonymously.

Thank you Fr Jim Feely for being our administrator.

This is a good time of preparation.

Is the next pastor going to be a Diocesan priest or not? Yes.

Has the priest that you have in mind been talked to about the parish? Our priests are talked to, yes. A number of priests have indicated they would love to come here.

The school is on the property, will the priest be interactive with the school? Yes, the priest would need to want that relationship

First have...What do you like about Resurrection Parish?



-Friendly Community

-Acceptance of differences


-the stability of the pastors, a feeling of family involvement with the priest, lay ministry is a large part of this parish.

-a host of leaders and potential leaders, range of ways to be involved. Spiritual growth

-Our parish, not just Father's parish but ours!

-Terrific Deacon!

-Community responds well to servant leadership

-We want to welcome the priest, we want him to walk with us and to know us and what we are doing.

-because of the size, we have the advantage of amazing music and choirs!

-Intergenerational formation, health and wellness, stewardship are all very active and focused towards adult education

-Social Justice committee is very active!

-Welcoming hospitality, parish staff to greet or walk around to talk with parishioners. The coffee and donuts, meeting new people and staying engaged with long time friends.

-the school is a positive. An opportunity to build lifelong disciples.

-the hospital ministry, nursing home ministry outreach. the bereavement ministry is very strong here.

-When in need, our parish nurse did so much for me(for all!) to meet needs.

-Generations attendance has grown, and the fee free is very helpful to young families

-good liturgy, aimed at both the very active and not so active parishioner.

-Thank you Fr Jim and sharing your life again with us!

Opportunities for improvement:

Fr Luke indicated a family or children's mass once a month would be helpful to grow school aged attendance.

-New pastor should know that this is a stewardship parish. We realize we are stewards of God's gifts. More than money gifts.

-Opportunity for future long range planning(Parish mission planning is in process-forming pillars in place but opportunities need to be developed)

-to look at the structure of the parish and the staff. Possible administrator for day to day.

-more explanation of parts of mass. to dig a little deeper into mass.

-the positive things that the Catholic church have done.

-Continue to bring the mass to us.

-Opportunity to put more people in church, invite those who have fallen away or lukewarm, to draw them back to Christ, be Christians and do what we were called to do as disciples of Jesus.

-For younger people in the faith community, to volunteer, to serve, not just in the parish walls, but beyond the walls as well.

-Use the fire pit, in informal settings, build fellowship!

-Encourage the new pastor to be balanced, use mass to be a cheerleader as well as reminding us of sins.

-Challenge to be welcoming to our new pastor, not as critical, or give feedback with love and encouragement.

-Do we encourage our clergy? We should daily, when liturgy touches us, do we share it with those outside these walls, do we provide healthy feedback?

-Opportunity to make younger people aware of the ways they can become involved.

-For people other than the staff to reach out and try to get to know a new family! (Welcoming committee)

-remember that priests are people and come with certain gifts. Respect and leverage strengths and weaknesses of the next priest!

-Very important to give a chance, and tell them when they are doing things right!

-More teaching masses! Witness, as a lay minister, to others why you appreciate the teaching mass.

-What is the goal? Who is making decisions? An opportunity to define and navigate roles and committees!

-What is the authority of the new pastor? Staffing-they need to follow diocese improvement plan. But the pastor is the head of the Parish. Can change organization and staffing but would hope they do that with the Parish and Finance Council.

-Have you been made aware of anything that may have made Fr Tim uncomfortable? (Statue of Mary moving for example) Were there "flash" points?

-To be able to explain some changes that happen, both local and global, including the Pope.

-Who made the decision on where the tabernacle resides? Bishop prefers it's at the center of the church. A priest can request it change but Bishop would have to sign off on the decision. (Bishop said it would be ok to have it out...perhaps it could be reviewed)

-Generations of faith should be a supplement to a regular Religious Ed program.(GOD) Bishop would like 30 hrs in a given year.

-Many opinions, spoiled by Bishop Bob but short and to the point, easy to understand messages. Then a polar opposite with longer messages. It would be fair for that person, coming in, to understand we've had both.

-It would have been difficult for ANYONE to follow Bishop Bob, Thank you to Fr Tim for following as our transition.

-About 6 months in, have an open forum for the new priest to talk about what parishioners like or are looking for, not committee or council based.

-Children are hungry for the truth and education.

-Fr Jim is our temporary admin.

-Good opportunity to be less judgmental, to realize we're all here for the same reason, different parts of our journey but on the same road.

-to think, plan and prepare, to pray and prepare for our future.

-There is a shortage of priests, we are so very lucky have one dedicated to our parish. We should pray for our priests!

Closing prayer.

Agree with enthusiasm and disagree with love! There is always room for improvement!

Stewardship Prayer

Lord's Prayer

If would still like to share your thoughts or ask questions, please feel free to fill out the form below.

What are Resurrection's strengths? What are the opportunities for growth for Resurrection? What are the questions or concerns that need to be addressed as we look forward to the future?