June 9, 2019 - Pentecost Sunday


When someone is coming to visit, it's usually good news. The younger family members customarily become greatly excited, especially when the expected guests are their beloved Grandma and Grandpa.

Our solemn Feast of Pentecost might ignite some such cheering when we begin catching the full flavor of what is happening. We are welcoming a unique guest into our homes, into our lives. We are making room for the Holy Spirit. We are speaking of the Spirit of God who creates us. This is the Spirit of Jesus who redeems us. There isn't any thing anywhere nearly as enormous and fulfilling in all our lives. The stories in the Acts of The Apostles and in the Gospel give us at least a taste of what this was like for the Apostles and the others gathered in the upper room on that famous Sunday.

 This is Pentecost!! We are living, experiencing, a similar enlivening today. Oh, I know, it's not that same gut-wrenching emotion as when the Packers or Brewers pull a victory out of the jaws of …. It may be more akin to what takes place inside the new Dad as he holds his new­ born infant daughter for the first time - the astonishment, the bewildering joy that keeps growing within him, and the immense gratitude and love for his wife for giving herself to make this wonder happen.

However, we experience the Holy Spirit, this Presence makes its impact only very gradually. From the outset it is important to emphasize, this Guest is not leaving. We will be well-advised to read over the second chapter from the Acts of The Apostles, perhaps two or three times, and slowly. We are reviewing, even digesting, the description of our personal discipleship. This Holy Spirit will be enlightening us, guiding us for the rest of our lives. The degree to which God sends His Spirit into our lives will not be so intense as St. Luke describes in Acts, but then again, God is really not all that predictable.

This celebration of the Feast of Pentecost is one more witness to the depth of God's love for us, for each of us. Come, Holy Spirit. I want to know Your Presence. I want to surrender to your love.

Fr. Jim