April 28, 2019 - 2nd Sunday of Easter


Today is the Second Sunday of Easter. We continue to celebrate with the utmost joy Jesus' Resurrection. Further, our Scriptures today assist in reminding us that this is the Sunday of Divine Mercy. We are gifted by God, always, in a multitude of ways. Every day has to be, for us, a celebration of gratitude: God's mercy, God's love, God's limitless generosity.

As we, the People of God, the Church of God, throughout our world, rejoice together in all our wondrous benefits, here at home in our Resurrection Parish, we are favored with one more fond blessing.

Today is First Holy Communion Day for our youngsters in Second Grade. It is a day of joy for them, most certainly, and for their families. We want to prayerfully join them as they receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time.

This is a memorable day. In years to come they will look back, as each of us does, so very often, recalling how they felt and how important this event has been for them. Hopefully, for each of them, this will prove to be a rising into a new height of experience of God's love and their kinship with Jesus.

In today's Gospel, the Apostles and others are sequestered in the upper room when the resurrected Jesus joins them. First, it's a moment of fear, but then complete delight, joy and hope. Finally, they believe, almost fully.. We learn Thomas was not with them. He does not share the experience. In hearing of this visit of Jesus, he has a problem with the news. There has to be something of a sense of not being included in such a beautiful moment. Perhaps, this feeling had something to do with his reluctance to believe. But, he has his moment. Jesus invites Thomas to believe, to be close to him.

Perhaps again, our First Communicants have had a feeling of being excluded. Here is their moment! Jesus invites them in.

Congratulations to all of you receiving Jesus for this first time!!

Fr, Jim