April 21, 2019 - Easter


Happy Easter to all, people of Resurrection Parish, and all our visitors. This being our Parish Feast Day, we are doubly blessed. This is, more importantly, the Feast Day for all who are in love with Jesus Christ. We rejoice! Jesus' resurrection is the bountiful promise of our resurrection. This is the firm pledge of our new life. During these past days of our Lent we have lived our willingness to repent. We have been practicing a new discipline, prayer, fasting and generous giving of ourselves. We have been seeking a disposition that opens us to embrace this new life.

Each and all of our Scripture readings for this celebration are reminding us that this newness is not some lofty treasure, off in some distant future. It is now, a supreme gift, to be lived as totally as is Jesus' resurrection. Our life is beginning, now, a life in Jesus Christ. Jesus abandons the tomb. We are free to do the same - abandon anything that does not enhance this new life.

When Mary of Magdala made her way to the tomb early in the morning, she was heavy of heart. All that seemed so promising only days earlier was now gone. Then, the tomb was empty! Another layer of sadness. Mary was most certainly a woman of faith. But her heart was breaking. She was badly shaken. Then, the figure, the man she had thought was the gardener, standing quietly a few feet away from her, turned and gently spoke her name: "Mary". That was all. But it was enough - more than enough. The familiar voice, the gentle tone. In a breath she was kneeling at his feet. All was restored, and she was whole again, her life renewed and replete with meaning.

Here is the depth of the Easter blessing. The resurrected Jesus speaks your name: forgiveness, healing, love, the complete embrace He has always been offering to you, to each of us. It is our day of resurrection. This new way is clearly marked.

Happy Easter!!

Fr. Jim