Hearing Assistance at Resurrection

Assisted Listening Devices are available. See an usher or staff member for assistance. We offer:

  • over-the-ear listening pieces that go over the hearing aid
  • headphone style
  • earbud style
  • a T-coil compatible solution

You will not hear any audio from the assisted listening device until the sound system is on/Mass begins.

For those with T-coil compatible hearing aids there are individual Hearing Loop lanyards available, please read below.

For Those Requiring T-coil Hearing Assistance

Because there is no room loop at Resurrection, if you desire a hearing loop, you must use one of Resurrection’s wireless receiver and lanyard sets in order to get the audio in your own hearing aids.  A lanyard is worn around the neck like a necklace and is plugged into the wireless receiver placed in your pocket. Adjust the volume wheel on the receiver to the level you desire. Please note that for your hearing aids to pick up the audio wirelessly from the lanyard your hearing aids must be T-coil compatible. If your hearing aids are not T-coil compatible you can use one of Resurrection's wireless receiver and ear speaker sets. 

The ear speaker hangs over the outside of your ear and your hearing aid stays in your ear. The ear speaker is connected to the wireless receiver. Adjust the volume wheel on the receiver to the level you desire. Please contact an usher with questions or to get a receiver and lanyard or ear speaker.