Health and Wellness Committee

Health and Wellness Mission Statement:

Resurrection Catholic Parish Health and Wellness Committee provides education and support to foster physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being while empowering healthy relationships to God, family and neighbor. 

After a 1 year trial as an ad hoc group, the Resurrection Health and Wellness Committee was officially established in May 2016 to develop and support activities, services and programs that foster the physical, mental and spiritual health of the parish and surrounding community.  The committee consists of over 40 parish members with health care or social service backgrounds, as well as others interested in health and wellness.  New members are encouraged and appreciated at any time, whether for a single short term project or a longer term commitment.  While most of our work is done by email or by subcommittee, we meet as a full committee twice a year - to plan for the year and to evaluate and celebrate the past year’s accomplishments.


monthly blood pressure screening

This program began in the fall 2013 and has served over 250 individuals.  Screenings take place on the 2nd weekend of each month before and after all Masses in the Day Chapel.  Three teams of 4 parish volunteers serve 40 – 50 parishioners per month.

Heart Disease Poster 1 Sandy Zellner.jpg

Parish health education

Volunteer committee members contribute articles for the bimonthly parish newsletter.  Short sections of the article are selected to create communiques for the Webpage, Bulletin, screen and flyer.  In 2017, some of our topics were Smart Goals for the New Year, Caregivers Need Care Too and Stroke.


Healthy Hospitality

A subcommittee interested in healthy eating choices is thinking outside the box when it comes to the food offerings at parish functions.  Parishioners enjoyed a variety of homemade sweet breads, snack mix and water with frozen fruit after Masses one weekend in February as a healthy alternative to after-Mass “coffee and doughnuts”.  They also offered fruit cups at our annual Autumn Fest celebration, as a healthy addition to the popular brats and burgers.  You can look forward to future offerings featuring diverse and tasty delights.


The Florence Nightingale Tribute is a ceremony that can be provided at the prayer service or funeral of any nurse or member of Resurrection’s Health and Wellness Committee to honor this person’s commitment to his or her patients and/or contribution to the health and wellness of the parish. Please let a parish staff person know if you are interested in this for your loved one when planning the funeral services.


Does one or more of these activities sound interesting to you?  Do you have an idea for other projects to increase the health and wellness of Resurrection parishioners? Whether you support a subcommittee or have ideas to share in planning, consider joining this vibrant ministry. Please contact Therese Waldkirch at 336-1721, or Roseann Dichraff at 336-7768 x140.  We look forward to hearing from you.