Come Grow with Us: All-Community, Intergenerational Faith-Formation

"Ancestry.god": Join us in the 2017-18 formation year to learn about Church history and your spiritual DNA!

Announcement! Resurrection will begin offering all parish faith-formation for FREE for all members beginning in the 2018-19 year. Growing in faith is what we do as a community of believers - come join us!

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“I came that you might have life and have it to the full.”
— John 10:10

Generations of Disciples is faith formation for all ages. Parish members and families are invited to come together on Wednesday nights to learn and share about Jesus and our faith.

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Generations of Disciples will meet the second Wednesday of each month (6:00-7:30p) starting September 13th, 2017.

Generations of Disciples Nights 2017-18

Finding our ancestry lines has become ever more popular now that we can send our DNA to Ancestry .com and get the scoop on our blood line.  Learning where we came from can be both re-assuring and surprising.  This year as a parish and especially as Generations of Disciples we thought it would be fun to learn about our spiritual DNA – what are the roots of our faith as individuals and as a Catholic faith community?

September 13th - We Come to Share our Story, Bishop Bob and Staff


October 11th - 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, Pastor Lori Swenson (Ascension Lutheran)


November 8th - Who are my mother and sister and brother…? Matt. 48-49, Paula Reider (St John Homeless Shelter Ministry Team), Amy Kawula and family


December 13th - Welcome Inn – Do you have room for Me?, Jane Angha (Young Adult Ministry Coordinator for the Diocese of Green Bay)


January 10th - The Catholic Story – Once upon a time, Fr. Paul Demuth (Senior priest and former pastor)


February 14th - Ash Wednesday Mass followed by Inter-Generational Night

March 14th - Following the Matriarchal Line, Kathleen Gallagher-Elkins (St. Norbert College Professor)


April 11th - Ever Ancient, Ever New, Fr. Tim Shillcox, O.Praem (Pastor)

First Communion Calendar 2017-18

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First Reconciliation Calendar 2017-18

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Confirmation Calendar 2017-18

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Adult Confirmation Calendar 2017-18

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RCIA Calendar 2017-18

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