Come Grow with Us: All-Community, Intergenerational Faith-Formation

Announcement! Resurrection will begin offering all parish faith-formation for FREE for all members in the 2019-20 year. Growing in faith is what we do as a community of believers - come join us!

FOr more information check out Fee-Free faith Formation.


What is G.O.D.?

Generations of Disciples (G.O.D. for short) is our parish's way of growing in faith and equipping ourselves to live as disciples of Jesus. 

Disciples of all ages, all life stages & situations, and all depths of Catholic knowledge gather together to eat, pray, learn and share our faith. 

G.O.D. provides the opportunity for your family come to Resurrection once a month for continued growth as lifelong learners of our Catholic faith, to be strengthened as disciples of Jesus, to become closer to God, and to participate in the life of our parish family.

This year, G.O.D. will be offered FEE FREE through the continued stewardship of the parish.

Generations of Disciples will meet the second Wednesday of each month (6:00-7:30p) starting September 11th, 2019. An optional meal is available each month at 5:00pm.

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2019-2020 Generations of Disciples Calendar

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Who comes to G.O.D.?

G.O.D. is for the entire parish.

·        Families with children not attending school yet
·        Families with children at public, parochial, or private schools
·        Single Adults
·        Couples
·        Post-Confirmation youth

What time is G.O.D.?

5:00      DINNER (optional)
7:35      CLOSING

How to register for G.O.D.?

Registration is FEE FREE and you can click here to sign up.

What does G.O.D. provide?

·        A free meal and shared conversation
·        Childcare for infants to 3-year-olds
·        Community prayer
·        Learning Experiences for 4k through High School
·        Materials and ideas for faith at home for all ages
·        Local and national speakers for the adults
·        Integrated class for those in Children's Choir
·        Connections families & role models within our community of faith