Fee-Free Faith Formation for ALL Parish Members


It all started when…

The early church was formed by memory and story-telling. As time went on those stories of Jesus were written down and began to spread. As they began to spread, the people encountering Jesus’ story and witness began to ask questions. Those who were most familiar with Jesus’ story and the story of salvation history (all the way back to Adam and Eve!) began thinking, formulating and sharing answers, along with scripture - what became the traditions, doctrines and teachings of the church.

Saints like Paul, Augustine, Ambrose, Benedict, Terese, Theresa, Aquinas, Dominic, Ignatius and so many more used scripture, history and tradition to pass along the faith story. The faith is passed by way of families, churches and individuals.

Somewhere in recent history, as churches became the primary carriers of the story, we also began charging people to learn the story through faith formation classes and sacraments. Some of this was due to the nature

of parish finances as well as the conception of Catholic publishers providing books and materials for our formation.

Canon law (the rules of how the Church operates) has always said that we cannot charge people to receive sacraments. We can ask materials fees and stipends for time, but even then a sacrament cannot be denied on the basis of financial limits. The reason for this is that our job as a parish and as followers of Jesus is to grow in our faith! As baptized members of the family of the Church we are expected to grow in our faith and support the parish family in growing in faith.

With all of that said, Resurrection is going to offer all parish formation, including Generations of Disciples (GOD), without cost in 2019-2020. We need you and your stewardship of prayer, service and sharing to support this effort. The needs and cost of our Christian formation do not change, but without fees, our revenue in this area will change. Consider the value of our parish formation in your life whether it is through GOD, adult speakers, pilgrimage events, prayer evenings, seminars, and sacramental preparations like Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Marriage. We need your help, as well as the help of the Holy Spirit, to answer this fundamental call to provide our formation ministry at no cost to our members.

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