Development Committee

The mission of this ad-hoc committee of the Finance Committee is to work in partnerships and consultation with parish leaders to promote, guide and facilitate the planning and implementation of a parish-wide development program that encourages responsible financial stewardship in support of existing and new ministry initiatives. Contact Jenni Harris for more information or to get involved.


The Development Committee is responsible for and/or organizes the following activities in support of its mission:

  • Financial Development

  • Annual stewardship renewal with collaboration of the Stewardship Team

  • Fr. Spalding Society Annual Event

  • Safety First Campaign


Parish support and operations

They also strive to increase awareness of Sacrificial Giving (your parish support) in partnership with the Finance Committee, to ensure that parish support meets the needs of parish operations each year.


They have drafted and implemented the following:

  • Gift Acceptance Policy

  • Fund Raising Policy/Guideline

  • Tithing Guidelines for the parish