October Session - Building a Community

Main Idea:

We are a community that will learn, grow, and celebrate together as we prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We will come together in three different communities: a large, whole group; and a small table group with a designated adult leader.

Topics Covered:

To begin, check out this video that is an overview of Confirmation.


Design a Disciple 

Confirmation is saying yes to discipleship…a disciple is a follower, one who accepts and assists in spreading the teachings of another. A Christian disciple is a person who accepts and assists in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Think about what the traits of a follower of Christ are. What is a disciple? 

On paper, draw a person; add all the traits that are the traits of a disciple.

Everyday Christian 

We can deepen our relationship with God by practicing our faith in everyday life. It is our actions, not just our words that make us Christians.

Check out the infographic below. These are just a few ideas that can help you live a Christian life. What is an 11th goal that you feel would be important to add?

A Well Built Faith and the Four Pillars

Whenever we want to develop a relationship with someone, we seek to get to know and understand them better. What types of relationships do we experience in our life? What makes those relationships successful?

Through our baptism, we entered into a deep, intimate and loving relationship with God. This relationship is supported four pillars of our faith:

  • Creed - what we believe about God
  • Sacraments - how we express our love for God and vice versa
  • Morality - how we act toward God and others
  • Prayer - how we communicate with God

What is Confirmation

There are also some requirements that go along with preparing for Confirmation. Take a look at this checklist. If you can, print off this checklist to express your feelings about each statement by using the code found below. Then as an symbol of your commitment to preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, sign in the signature box. 

Codes for expressing your feelings:

C = This will be challenging for me
E = This will be easy for me
F = I am looking forward to this
H = I will need help with this
I = I will need more information


To end the session, check out this video about St. Francis of Assisi. The saints give us a great example on how to live as disciples of Christ.

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