You Are Invited!

Our parish committees go about the business of living the Gospel through prayer, service and sharing. Our committee members are committed to helping you find the right fit for your time and gifts. Just like each person is different, so is each committee. Some meet regularly, some meet seasonally and some even meet online! Whatever your gifts, we can help you find a place where you belong! From helping at Mass, to praying on our prayer chain at home, to serving within and beyond our community you are needed and we invite you to learn more about where you can join us!

We encourage you to check out our various standing committees and projects in the lefthand column and give the parish office a call if you'd like to know more.


reason 1 to get involved at Resurrection

"Joe-to-go" every Sunday after Mass, using your shower voice at full throttle in the choir, and SOOOO many different options for involvement that are just plain fun!


reason 2 to get involved at resurrection

Creates extended family and long-lasting friendships (especially for those whose own family is many miles away) - people who will care about you and yours.


reason 3 to get involved at resurrection

Family faith formation, dedicated senior citizens, hospitality "plus", insightful homilies...I could keep going but I will let you discover for yourselves!